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Sadly not even my dragon designing was done for fun and actually as ~symbolism~ through out it. Because I'm a damn nerd. So let's get on to it then.


The most obvious are of course the fact that the Pinks are homage to her deceased sister Griselda as, if not the colors then the exact shade, which is much brighter then any other valkyrie who has some form of pink in their coloring, is seemingly unique to Griselda. Much in the way the exact shades of blue Gwendolyn has is not replicated at all through the rest of the Valkyrie.

The Dark Blue/Black that is the dominate color is a tribute to the eternally starry sky of Ragnanival, the shade being mistaken for black is also to show how much Oswald has effected Gwendolyn's life since he wears black armor and is known as the Shadow Knight.

The Grey/Silver of Brunhilde's eyes are done as a symbol of the ring Titrel (Which from what little we can see of the damn thing it's mostly likely a silver ring and not the gold a lot of fan art tends to make it.)

Though at first such colors are likely to cause more pain then anything as they remind her of everything she has now lost, in time it will hopefully be a reminder of better memories and thus allow her to be more at ease with the little thing she is now connected to.

Body Shape and Size

The dragons of her home world tended to be more serpentine while maintaining aspects of European ideas of what a dragon should look like. In a lot of ways the 'noodle' look is a homage of sorts to the two dragons Gwendolyn faces that being Belial being controlled by one of the three Wise Men and Leventhan the serpent meant to devour the world she was prophesied to slay. Both encounters greatly affected her life in someway and thus impacted her psyche that she'll need to get used to and overcome by having this tiny reminder constantly there.

Favoring a small size instead of aiming for the larger side of the scale is also in a way due the way dragons are in her canon. There is never any subtleness in the canon at all that aside from Hindel the dragon that can forsee the future, that as a whole the dragons have no love for the other races of Erion, and likely in the distant past many a town or army was set ablaze for impudence as the dragons established that no blade or arrow could even scratch their hides. Thus leading to Gwendolyn's time when it's common knowledge that it's best to avoid dragons and not cause one to focus attention on you or your kingdom. Even when it's established that the psyphers are capable of fighting dragons that it's still best to do what you can to drive them off as the race as a whole would hold a grudge against the one who slays one of their brethren. As such having a dragon that will never tower over her will be far easier for her to acclimate to then to have a dragon whose shadow could cause her to mistake such for a dragon of her home.

Lack of Flight; Choice of Diet

But Re, Gwendolyn can fly why would you have her dragon unable to fly?

Mostly because I wanted to. As well as the fact that it's also a way to show that Gwendolyn's associated fear/unease about being chained to the ground if she loses her wings doesn't need to be as powerful here. Brunhilde being just as imperious and capable while trapped on the ground will boost more of Gwendolyn's confidence in herself that she does not need to be defined solely by being a Valkyrie and can just be Gwendolyn, whoever that may be.

The diet is a bit of me throwing light shade at the leveling system in Odin Sphere since you can not only heal by eating but you gain exp and hp, and thus can grind levels by eating food. A factor the game designers ran with by having various meals you can eat at restaurants in designated rest/hub areas and various fruits, 'take out' and protein that you can buy or grow to keep in your inventory. All that has various amounts of hp and exp they give you upon being eaten. The preference for sweets is mostly due to the fact I tend to use the Tea Shop with its dessert menu more then the restaurant with it's full meal menu.
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