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Like many civilizations beliefs are had and changed as time and new knowledge is given. However, somethings just seem to stick even though the rational mind knows they are silly acts that don't actually cause the gods to take notice of you in anyway.

When they had roamed the land as nomads and not marched as orderly soldiers, there were many superstitions that were soon forgotten or buried under Odin's rule. However some things can't be fully erased from an entire population and the ones that are openly scoffed at are kept alive by old crones and gaffers sitting by fires.

Fortune telling and reading of various items was likely quite popular due to following nature's own course as they roamed for survival. Knowing how if the wind blew in such a way with a purple tinted sky meant harsh rains, or casting down bones to figure out if good hunting would be had north or west this season. Most such means forgotten except by those who wish for another confirmation from the likely magical constructs and charts created by Odin for his troops to use.

While many have forsaken older practices to follow the laws and lifestyles more suited to a kingdom of warriors some traditions are quietly spoken of around fires and in quiet corners of taverns and kitchens.

Like how the yellow flower that blooms in the dead of winter, drunk as a tea will keep bad spirits away, rosemary stuffed into the pillows of children will give them sweet dreams and ward off illness. Silver dust dabbed onto a forehead will bring clarity. To twine your feathers in silver thread to make a token creates one of protection against betrayal, while one wrapped in colored twine brings good fortune. Crossing running water at night will bring specters to dog your footsteps. A child should be wrapped in their family colors from birth to give their hearts a safe haven. To leave ones weapon upon a table is to incite one to partake in your demise.

There are many such little things considered silly but still unconsciously followed. As any bit of luck shouldn't be wasted.

Some of these likely have even filtered down into little things Gwendolyn doesn't even realize she does because she picked up such habits as she fought for her rank and respect amidst the rank and file of her father's army. Tapping the butt of her spear to the ground three times before setting off on a mission. Never gifting a weapon as such is seen as a sign of cutting away your good relationship. Leaving a bundle of sage at the bottom of traveling bags to acquire wisdom in choices made on the road, having the rune fehu sewn into the inside of money pouches as a plea for such to never be empty. Are a few things she may unconsciously perform and not realize such.


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